About Us

About Us

Who We Are ?

Coimbatore District Tennis Association was founded by K.Srinivasan (Founding President), Shri Rama Ranganathan (Founding Secretary) and Shri P.R.Dhamodharan ( Founding Vice President) in the early years of 1970. CDTA has been instrumental in hosting the DAVIS Cup in Coimbatore. The DAVIS Cup was held in the month of December, and Year 1977. The matches were held in Coimbatore Cosmopolitan Club. Coimbatore has been very successful in bring our some of the best in Tennis. Some of the very successful Tennis players from Coimbatore are K.G.Ramesh, Manojkumar, Sriram Balaji and Nirpuama. Today CDTA is conducting lot of tournaments and promoting Tennis for the Coimbatore District.

The objects of the Trust shall be:

  • To do all necessary acts to impart tennis among children.
  • To create new facilities to play tennis.
  • To appoint coaches to train all needy children.
  • To conduct tournaments for various age groups and develop an interest in tennis.
  • To prepare students to participate district, national and international level.
About CDTA


Our vision is to empower a sustainable sports culture and create world-class sports infrastructure in the Coimbatore District.



Our mission is to develop collegiate and professional tennis players while building well-rounded athletes. Our family-oriented environment encourages players to reach their goals by embracing daily challenges on the court, in the classroom, and during competition.


Our Values

  • Offer quality tennis facilities to the members and the community.
  • Freedom for players to expose themselves.